Challenge accepted

A challenge. Another one. Again. They seem to spread all over the year, 30 days of this, 100 days of that. So far I didn’t bite, and everytime I did though, I failed after one week latest. Yes, failed. That’s what it feels like. And no one needs that kind of feeling, do they?

A virtual kick in the butt

But then again, there are those challenges, that *might* be able to help und kick you into *doing*…. there is this Facebook group I’m in, all women who want to change something and know that this change can only happen, if they – us – me – get active. So the founderess of the group set the challenge to do a tiny bit every day in May (or not so tiny), whatever they / we decide on to change, and if possible post a before- and after-picture.

Let’s get this started, the challenge begins

Now it’s like this, probably just like you I have tons that I would like to change, but not everything can be changed right now, life playing up like it does now and then. But there is one thing, I really would get my teeth into: paint / doodle / scribble / draw anything every day for at least ten minutes.. So I took out one of my artjournals, that are waiting for their purpose in my shelf, and started right away on the eve of May 1st putting together the title-page, which will probably be worked on during the month.

(attention please, unpaid advertising following mentioning a brand) The artjournal I am using is a Moleskine, more precisely the Moleskine Folio Art Watercolour A4, in a landscape format, which I totally forgot I had 🙂

So far I love the paper, it doesn’t start whining when I’m using watercolour and / or acrylics. The only thing I do mind: it doesn’t lie flat, at least not at the start, but I guess that’s gonna change the more pages I am using, so that’s not too bad.

What do you think about a challenge?

Now I am curious and would like to know, whether you are taking part in any challenges? Or have taken part? What was your experience? Did you build a routine or did you do it just for the fun of it?

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