Colours and changes

For as long as I can remember I always enjoyed colour. Though art class at school has not really been that great and never called to follow up this joy, and so it went to the back of my head. But every now and again it kind of called to me and I tried the odd thing. Painting on silk scarves, small canvases and acrylics, dabbling in watercolours came and went through the years. Knitting and spinning my own yarn turned into dyeing my yarn and spinning fibres, which eventually brought me back to painting.

January 2012 I found art-journalling, and it felt just right. There are tons of inspiration and tutorials and online-classes on the web, and so it was just a small step from the smaller format in a journal to bigger papers and canvas.

I found teachers (and still find them) in women, who seem to be on the same journey as I am, more or less, finding art and creativity a way for introspective, learn and share the experience with others.

My being interested in personal growth and healing in the sense of becoming whole/one with myself has been there since my youth, and over the years I was able to collect inspiration, knowlege and experience without seeing an end.