oil paint and cold wax

Beginnings and new things


… can be difficult. This is not my first blog, but still, and this one will be dedicated to all things creative, coming to life through me. I would love to start with the “oldest” works I have, but that would take ages, since I started in 2012, and who has that kind of patience so I start somewhere and just throw in the odd older piece, what d’ya think?

At the moment this work is on my easel, though it was done on the table.

Mixed Media: Oil/Cold Wax, Acrylics on cardboard, 36×48 cm

My favourite medium is acrylics, or watersoluable paints, oil so far has been a no-go for me: long drying, which means I would need a lot of space, and the suitable solvents like terpentine do not have the most pleasing and healthy smells…. That was all I knew. So far.

Try something new

But my daughter’s boyfriend gave me oil paints among other things he had from his uncle who recently passed away. A few small tubes. And they were in my possession for a couple months, just lying there. And then there is this social website called Facebook (ever heard ’bout it?) where I am engaged in quite a few groups to do with art. That’s where I came across the cold-wax-technique, where you don’t need these terpentine-like dissolvants, and which decreases the drying-time. My curiousity was peeking out and I tried it and this is what I came up with, a layer cold-wax/oil and acrylics on top (I heard it should be the other way ’round, but hey, I never liked rules). I love the details and effects that were created, and it’s not finished yet.

oil paint and cold wax
oil paint and cold wax

I’ll keep you posted!

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