no need to enforce things

Calm down, mama, he says just like that

From darkness light is born

My son is one of the calmest people I know. His motto: calm down. Whether that’s always so good is a different story. I am normally an optimist. Always trying to see the good in a situation or in people before looking at the downside. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work like that, and there is one thing in my life that makes it very hard to just concentrate on the good. No need to go into it. Last year was one of the not so nice peaks that I had to go throuhg and I tried to pull myself together by tackling an empty canvas, like I usually do. I put my frustration and fears in words on the white space in front of me and painted over it with my favourite colours. Just this process did the thing and started the grounding, letting it all out, no need to keep it inside. Handing over anything I do not need and what keeps me back. If I remember correctly I used charcoal pencil, and I love the way how paint disintegrates the words.


Start of Calm Down

There is even light by putting white acrylic on.

Fear and doubt can be released

More layers with stencils, changing the allover feeling, giving structure and liveliness.

pattern and paint set you free

And then it happens again – a face, but not one to last.

a face appears

Find peace in trust – Calm Down

slowly he appears, or she? a Buddha-face, genderless, and the face brings a message: find peace in trust, don’t try and enforce an outcome. There, it seems to work. At least for the moment. Or like my son usually says: “calm down, mama”. If only it was so easy….

no need to enforce things

und allmählich taucht er auf, oder sie? ein Buddha-Gesicht, androgyn, und es bringt eine Botschaft mit: finde Frieden im Vertrauen, nicht immer alles erzwingen. Und tatsächlich, es kommt an bei mir. Zumindest für den Moment. Oder wie mein Sohn sagt: “Ruhigbleiben, Mama”. Wenn es nur immer so einfach wäre….

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