art exhibition ArtWerk

Exhibition ArtWerk in Vaihingen/Enz

My first exhibition

The last few weeks have been an exciting time for me. Last Saturday we had the opening of the art exhibition ArtWerk in Vaihingen/Enz, organised by the artist Claudia Grenz.

art exhibition ArtWerk

Me? in an art exhibition? well….. why not?

I met Claudia at an art exhibition opening sometime last winter. She told me about her plans to organise an exibition of her own, how she would love to have all different artists showing their work. And asked me, would I be interested. Me? Oh, sure! Shocke as I was I said yes! And amongst other things led to having this blog 🙂

But what will I show?

A few weeks later Claudia rang and wanted to know, was I still on for the show, and of course I was! As we all know, time flies when you’re having fun, and it was time do decide what to take. Since last Saturday the exhibition is open and 15 artists are showing their work for one week.

The decision was at the same time easy and hard, I only knew for certain to take the small pieces I finished in the first few months of this year, floral and colourful, a kind of series so to speak. There was so much still in my mind I wanted to do, if it works out – fine. If not – no pressure.

Ten is a good number

And so two weeks ago I took everything with me and we got to hang the pieces. This is what I had:

Calm down, The Whisper is too faint, Flowers around Flowers, Silent Spirit, Possibilities behind every Door
Evergrow, What you see, My own private Jungle, Under Sun Moon and Stars, They live under Flowers

Who else is there?

I met new colleagues, lovely people with different styles and media. It was mindblowing to see what they had to show. There was Wolfgang Krink with unusual photographies on unusual substrates and Veronika Leibbrand, who likes bright and lively colours as much as I do. There were more, whose websites I do not know and/or whose permission I do not have to mention them.

But the art show is still open for another week, Monday to Friday 16-19 pm, next Saturday July 7th will be the last day, 14 pm.

If you have the chance – go and have a look!

I can only say thank you again for having the chance to take part in a wonderful thing like this show. It is amazing how life leads one to meet people and  shows possibilities you’d never dream of. This gives me certainty that I am on the right path, following my dreams and projects – if only there was more time and sleep not so important 🙂

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