She sees the stars 2018, pencil, sketchbook

From then to now

Then –

So I started arting in 2012, again, after having done different kinds of artsy stuff throughout my life. Another interest/mindset of mine made me stumble over Effy Wild *again* – I knew her from a podcast years before, this time art-related. She began working through a writing block by drawing and painting and became really really good at it, selfthought and by practising loads. She birthed a project called “Book of Days” – BoD – and I joined. Didn’t stick to it ‘til the end, but it got me started.
And comparing how I started off and where I am now (and nowhere near perfection yet, but who wants to be perfect anyway, ey?) it’s quite amazing. Considering I once said “me? Drawing? No way, no can do”.

Night, 2012
Selfportrait 2012
Forrestfairy 2012, Mixed Media


Exercise in drawing from last night on the couch in my sketchbook, and I’m in love keep on practising…..

She sees the stars 2018, pencil, sketchbook

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