Detail of Patience is Her Name

Patience is her Name, a finished piece gets a new life

Patience, not one of my virtues, or is it?

Even with the current painting not being worked on for that long yet, patience seems to be the essential thing.

Not long after I jumped into painting again in 2012, the usual watercolour-paper wasn’t enough, too small. So I tried canvas. The smaller ones first, but soon I needed bigger ones. Did I mention the absence of patience with me?

Effy Wild and Tamara Laporte tickled my fascination with faces. So of course I had to put at least one face on this biggie – in the end there were two faces and a nice pattern in between. I was so proud then of what I made. I still am, even more when I see how far I have come in the past 6 years.

In the meantime my husband developed a kind of paranoia, because he found and saw eyes in everything I made. Even worse: faces!   “….I always feel like somebody’s watching me…” (you know this 80’s song?), and so the finished painting went into hiding.

Look At You, 2012, ready for a paint-over

This is recycling

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled over the old painting, and because I am Swabian (kind of like the Scots moneywise) and actually can look after my money at times I started to paint over the faces. Back into the corner with it – but this time so I can see it.

Then I DID see it from the corner of my eyes: there is a figure, flowers that haven’t been covered with paint wrapping around her. She wants to sit. Crosslegged. What?! How am I to do that? I am trying to paint the back of a female figure at the moment, but crosslegged? Well, I’ll give it a go and get my carbon pencil.

Patience sketch

She turns up

I guess I can work with this. I like carbon to sketch on canvas, it’s easy to erase, creates a good line and painting over it gives a nice depth in contures.

Mother’s Day presented itself with time to sink into her, and she took her time, not really helping me to get her through the veil into this reality, but she came in the end.

Detail of Patience is Her Name


Patience, end of MothersDay

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