Strawberrycake, bread and Schnitzel

I am grateful today. Agreed, that might sound cheesy, but that’s what it is. The past two months have been very strenuous. With a loved one suffering from depression for a long time but being diagnosed only a few weeks ago, life is hardly an everlasting joyride. But days like today give back strength and happiness, making up for not so happy times. The whole past week really, topped off by today’s beautiful strawberrycake 🙂

Mother-and-son-cooperation featuring strawberrycake

Yesterday after I finished work I was passing the local bakery, and seeing the ad outside, I went inside to get strawberrycake for the family. But obviously it was so good, that it had already sold out. Pity.

So this morning waking up I decided to give in to this cake-fancy and make one myself. From scratch. Base and all. Since I was going to bake bread today, why not make use of the oven’s heat a bit more.

Baking a cake with a risk

The past cakes I made have been in a slowcooker from a recipe I got from Gabi Frankemölle and it turned out brilliant every time. But since I was gonna start after the shopping would be done, time would be not enough to wait 2-3 hours to bake and more to cool down. So why not risk it and make it in the oven and enjoy it in the afternoon. And that’s what we did, the son putting together the cake mix while I was getting on with the bread.

And let me tell you, it’s soooo much fun being in the kitchen with the son, who’s following his father’s footsteps in becoming a chef, and listening to him explaining stuff with a real love for the trade 🙂

Oven – part 1

It really was a bit of a risk, since the recipe is for the slow cooker, but 1 hour was enough time for the cake to be done. Next step: letting it cool down and cut it in half to fill and cover it with the cheesecream

Oven part 2 and a masterpiece

Bread into the oven and finishing off the strawberrycake:

Where’s my plate?

It really was beautiful! (half of it is gone already, the rest will be enjoyed tomorrow)

By the way, the bread turned out beautiful, too! And for dinner we had homemade Schnitzel and French Fries. So all in all it has been an almost perfect Saturday with good feelings and good mood, there even has been singing on my side.

And one more thing: depression is not omnipresend, make the best of the time when it hides in its own dark hole and hopefully stays there for a long while.

Oh! And I would love to read your favourite recipes!

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