The thin line between motivation and frustration

The May challenge. It’s May 8th, which means eight days ord eight pages into the artjournal done and dusted. Really? No. Tell me again, what was this thing about motivation?


Yes, sure, it’s there at the start, motivation. Front page done or at least started, first page as well. But wait, I haven’t posted the first page yet! So here it is:

I started with watercolour circles….

…. and coloured in between. A few circles got pimped up with mandala and doodles, using an acrylic pen, and there may be more to follow. So this was day 1 of the challenge. Motivation galore.

Still motivated

Day 2 isn’t too bad either, if I say so myself. Motivation still recognizable. What did help for certain: I started the night before, what can I say…. the m-word 😉

Oh! playing hide and seek?

Where are you hiding? hello? Motivation? May 3rd we went for a night out at the Italian, and of course, pizza and ice cream makes you tired.

May 4th? Saturday. Household chores. And cinema (Endgame, Avengers, yay!) Nada painting.

Sunday? May 5th? No, nothing. Small crisis in the psyche, with which painting would help. But I decided to do some ironing and watched the Justice League. And then? A slight tickling in the fingertips… and I started the next page!


No, it’s not a race I need to win. I won’t try and fill pages just for the sake of filling them. Instead I turn to the one thing I’m looking at and bring it to an end that I like.

First I saw a forest or hill-landscape, then I remembered the new moon. And even if I still can’t get the phases of the moon to be a part of my life-routine, this time I’ll do some magic in my journal.

I returned to the page on Monday and finished it Tuesday:

the words in the eye:

New moon in your eye, the night dark, the sun still far away. Anything is possible. Everything is possible. Leave behind what does not aid you. Call to life whatever it is you need to become you. And remember, always this: Just because the moon isn’t full and you can’t see her whole soul, doesn’t mean that she is broken. She will be full again soon.

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